Tuesday, February 10, 2009

In our best mock-Italian... Valentine's Day Massacre!

Awright you dirty brothers.......

Youse killed my Rat !!!!

On da 19th of dis mont, we is havin a iportant shoot, capise ?

It's da St Valentine's Day Massacre.

Make sure youse brings LOTZ a ammo, youse gonna need it.

Dey is gonna be 2 stages, one is gonna be 21 rounds !

Da udder one is gonna be terdy two rounds....like I said, LOTZ of ammo !!

I know dey ain't gonna be no questions.......right ?

Be dere early, we gonna get shootin ASAP, mebbe even during sign up.
Like I said, LOTZ of ammo.....

any questions, go find sombody who gives a rats patoot !

-Big Al

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