Monday, April 24, 2017

Sign Up For Match On 5/3/17.

Match sign up for MISS USPSA Match on 5/3/17.

Tickets go on sale at 8AM for Alpha Members and 8PM for general public on the Sunday before a match. Registration ends at 2PM the day of the match or when capacity is reached. If match is full you can sign up for our waitlist through Eventbrite and you'll be contacted if someone requests a cancellation. 

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

MISS Proposed Bylaw Changes

Per Article 5, Section 1 – MISS must notify members at least 14 days prior to a changing of the by laws vote. We will be voting on these changes at the end of the season banquet after the last Wednesday match of the season.

Addition to Section 1 Participation Eligibility
Juniors (17 and under) will pay a match fee of $5 or a fee that matches the classifier upload cost (All classifier matches).

Addition to 4.1.1 (Range Officers)
MISS will reimburse class fees for MISS Members (2.1) who show proof of passing the NROI RO Class. MISS will not reimburse class fees for those who let their RO certification lapse and must retake the NROI RO Class.

Addition to Article III

Addition of Section 5 (Scoring)
5.1 Scoring on Tablet
Approval button (Or the like) will be hit by the shooter themselves on the scoring tablet. This is a best practice and will not be grounds for a reshoot.

5.2 Classifier/Reshoots
Reshoots on classifiers will not be allowed.

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