Code of Regulations
McHenry IPSC Shooting Society Inc
Article I Purpose
The McHenry IPSC Shooting Society Inc is a non-for-profit corporation established under Illinois law and organized under the auspices of the United States Practical Shooting Association. It is formed to promote the development of Practical Shooting as a recognized sport and worthwhile recreational activity for members. The organization is for pleasure, recreation and other non-profitable purposes. The net earning shall not inure to the benefit of any private shareholder or individual.
The McHenry IPSC Shooting Society can shoot continuously through the year, but has traditionally shot October to May.
The club’s fiscal year begins on January first and ends December 31st.
Article II Executive Board
Section 1. PRESIDENT
The office of the President may be filled by any regular member of the club. The President will be elected to office, for a one (1) year term by the regular membership via a show-of-hands vote at the last match of May. The President’s term will begin immediately after the vote.
The President’s duties will be to manage the league during his or her term of office, always keeping the good of the club first and foremost and maintaining affiliation with USPSA. They will be responsible for the supervision of records and moneys. Except for duties delegated to another executive officer, the President will conduct all other business concerning the McHenry IPSC Shooting Society.
All Executive Board vacancies will be filled by presidential appointment, and that appointee may hold said office until the next election cycle, however, the stipulation for regular membership will remain in effect.
     The office of the Range Master will be filled in the same manner as that of the President, however the Range Master will be expected to fill the vacancy of the presidential office should it occur. The Range Master will also take over the President’s duties in the event of a temporary absence of the President.
Additionally, the Range Master will conduct routine club affairs as set forth in the USPSA Rulebook under section 7.1.6. In the event of an absence, the Range Master will delegate duties as they see fit to other club members.
The office of the Match Director will be filled in the same manner as that of the President.
In addition to conducting routine club affairs as set forth in the USPSA Rulebook under section 7.1.7, the Match Director will be the recording officer of the assembly and the custodian of the records. He or she will, when requested by any member at a reasonable time, open their records for inspection. The Match Director, in addition to keeping the records for the League and the minutes, maintain a register of the roll when required to notify officers, committees and delegates of their appointment and to furnish the committees all papers referred to them. He or she will submit an annual report in the accepted manner to the President.
In the event of an absence, the Match Director will delegate duties as they see fit to other club members.
The Match Director will also hold the funds deposited with them and pay them out on the order of the League’s officers. The Match Director, will be responsible for the collection of entry fees at each match held by the league.
When an regular member is elected to a position on the Executive Board, that member has an obligation to the rest of the membership to faithfully fulfill his or her duties. If that Board member fails to perform his or her duties on a timely basis, or their performance is considered non-existent, or their conduct is careless and/or detrimental to the continued operations and well-being of the club, or the sitting Executive Board Member of the club is convicted of a felony offense, any member of the Executive Board may call for a special meeting of the entire
Board to discuss removal of the offending Board Member. After discussion of the facts in the matter, the Executive Board may conduct a vote regarding the removal of the Board Member in question. A simple majority vote of the Board would be required for removal of the Board Member. If the Executive Board moves to remove an Executive
   Board Member, the President will then appoint an interim member to fulfill the vacated office for the remainder of the term.
In the event that the President is removed from the Executive Board, the Range Master would assume the duties of President and an interim Range Master would be appointed for the remainder of the term. If a Board member is severely injured or dies, the President may appoint
an interim board member until the individual in question recovers, or in the event of death, is replaced by an election cycle.
Section 5. Special Rules for Executive Board
If the MISS cash balance is more than $2,500.00 MISS Board Members will not pay a fee to shoot matches, MISS Board members are exempt from winning MISS raffles, awards, or prizes of any kind.
Article III Membership & Participation
Participation is limited to:
USPSA members that have earned a classification in any USPSA division.
IPSC members that have earned a classification in any ISPC division.
IDPA members that have earned a classification in any IDPA division.
Individuals that have demonstrated to a McHenry IPSC Shooting Society Executive member a safe drawstroke, muzzle awareness, and the basic understanding of the rules of the sport (scoring, safety, rules) in a session preceding a match, usually at an preceding the match the competitor intends to shoot.
Unverified individuals will not be allowed to participate (and be refunded their match fees...)
Illinois Residents are required to have a FOID card. Lapsed FOID are not grounds for membership revocation, but members are expected to remedy the situation.
Participants must have a USPSA membership number and have a match grace period to furnish a USPSA membership code or pending status.
    Juniors (17 and under) will pay a match fee of $5 or a fee that matches the classifier upload cost (All classifier matches).
The McHenry IPSC Shooting Society is a private club. The Executive Board reserves the right to refuse, revoke, suspend, or deny membership to or from any member, or prospective member at anytime, if the Executive Board deems that individual’s membership may not be in the best interest of the club. The members of the Executive Board are solely responsible for all management decisions, and the day to
day operation of the club. The Board reserves the right to make any material and/or equipment purchases which the Executive Board reasonably believes is necessary or beneficial to the operation of the club. All decisions of the Executive Board are final.
An REGULAR member is any person, at least twenty-one (21) years old, that is a current member of USPSA and has maintained membership by attending a minimum of five (5) club matches in the most recent ten (10).
An associate member is any person, at least twenty-one (21) years old, that has a pending USPSA membership status or has not fulfilled attendance requirements. Associate members do not vote in elections until they are promoted to regular membership.
The club’s E-mail list and membership roster are both strictly confidential, and were created solely for the use of the Executive Board. These lists will not to be sold, loaned, or disseminated to any other individual, group or organization for any reason. No unauthorized persons may use the club’s E-mail list or the club’s mailing list or social media presence to solicit, advertise, inform, or conduct an open forum to air their personal views about the club, its Officers or the membership. Any violation of this by-law will be grounds for immediate and permanent revocation of the violator’s membership status.
     Section 4. MEMBER CONDUCT
Section 4.1. FIRING RULES
All participants must wear eye and ear protection at all times while they are on the firing line. A brimmed hat is encouraged, but not required. Weapons are not to be loaded on the firing line until the range officer instructs the shooters to do so. USPSA rules are to govern firing procedures in all matches fired.
Brass is the property of the competitor. In the event that it can't be reasonably collected or returned directly after a COF, the brass will be the property of whomever collects it at the end of the night.
Brass is absolutely the property of the membership and outside collectors are not allowed to collect brass.
Section 4.1.1. RANGE OFFICERS
Only USPSA certified Range Officers will run shooters through a course.
In the event of an absence of a second Range Officer, scoring duties may be delegated to a non-Range Officer.
Additionally, Scorekeepers are reminded that they are also secondary Range Officers and should be focused on helping the primary Range Officer by observing the competitor from angles the primary Range Officer is unable to use due to safety or movement.
Range Officers are expected to exit the course of fire last, verifying that all competitors have moved uprange.
New Range Officers will work with more experience Range Officers to learn the process of safely running competitors through stages.
MISS will reimburse class fees for MISS Members (2.1) who show proof of passing the NROI RO Class. MISS will not reimburse class fees for those who let their RO certification lapse and must retake the NROI RO Class.
     Any competitor caught or witnessed violating any of the safety rules will be disqualified. A first offense will result in disqualification of that night’s matches. A second offense will result in the disqualification of the competitor for the remainder of the season.
If the range officer and/or league officer feels that the infraction was deemed a serious breach of the safety rules, the entire executive board will be made aware of the problem. If the board agrees that the infraction was of such a serious nature that it endangered the lives of other shooters, the competitor in question will be suspended for the remainder of the shooting season.
To be reinstated, the Executive Board will meet and a member may only be reinstated by a majority vote of the Executive Board.
Any competitor who appears to be under the influence of alcohol, either by their actions, or if the odor of alcohol is detected on their person, will be removed from the firing line immediately and asked to leave the range without delay. At this point, the competitor will be suspended from the club for the remainder of the season and all membership privileges will also be revoked.
If any member has been arrested for any firearm infractions, felony charges, or is under a court order involving matters of Orders of Protection, Workplace Violence or Domestic Violence, they are required to inform the Executive Board within forty-eight (48) hours of the charges. Within that time frame, they will also be required to supply the Executive Board, a copy of the criminal charges and/or a copy of the court order of protection. The Executive Board will then decide if the member’s shooting privileges should be suspended until the matter(s) is/are resolved in the court system. If the member who has been arrested, or has a court order against them does not inform the board within the said time frame, the member will be expelled from the league permanently. The decision of the Executive Board will be final!
Section 5.1 Classifier Reshoots
       Reshoots on classifiers will not be allowed.
Article IV Elections
Section 1. ELECTIONS
Any member, of the club who intends to run for office, must notify the Match Director of their intention to run for said office, at least thirty (30) days prior to the set election date.
Any member of the club in good standing will have the right to vote in any and all club elections.
All club elections will be held by a simple majority show-of hands vote of REGULAR members at the last match in May. The votes will be counted and recorded by the Match Director. A quorum of five (5) REGULAR members is required for the election to be valid.
In the instance where there is no quorum, the current President will remain in office.
Article V Amending
All recommendations for By-Law changes shall be drafted by the individual suggesting the change(s) and a copy will be presented to the Executive Board for their review.
The proposed change or changes, if found to be appropriate by the Executive Board, will then be posted on the McHenry IPSC Shooting Society site for at least 14 days.
Voting by a simple majority show of hands by REGULAR members is preferred, however voting by electronic means with records kept for a term is also acceptable. A quorum of five (5) REGULAR members is required for a vote to count.
Any changes and/or additions to the By-laws will go into effect immediately after being ratified by the membership.

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