Sunday, September 30, 2012

Stages for October 3rd, 2012

Welcome to the 2012-2013 Season!

Please read the previous post to find out how we're handling registrations.

Eventbrite - McHenry IPSC Match - 10/3/2012


22 rds, 110 pts, Comstock.
10 metric & 2 mini-poppers.

Standing facing down range, toes on "X's", handgun is loaded and holstered. On start signal, engage targets from behind the fault line.


24 rds, 120 pts, Comstock.
4 metric targets.

Standing in any box, hand relaxed at sides, gun is loaded and holstered. From Box A, engage T1 with 6 rounds, and T2 with 2 rounds. From Box B, engage T3 with 6 rounds and T2 with 2 rounds. From Box C, engage T4 with 6 rounds and T2 with 2 rounds. Perform a mandatory reload when switching between any 2 boxes. Targets may be fired in any order (T2, then T1, for example...)

Like a Rat

20 rds, 100 pts, Comstock.
9 metric and 2 poppers.

Facing downrange, toes on marks, gun holstered and UNLOADED.
On signal, load and engage the targets as visible.

El Presidente

CM 99-11 (PDF)

12 rds, 60 pts, Virginia Count.

Head Up: New Registration System

Thanks for coming to register!

In order to ensure that folks understand what is going on, please read this first, then check back for registration that will open at 8:15 PM tonight!

Regarding Squadding:

  • Due to the layout and availability of the bays at On Target, we've decided that easiest most efficient way to move shooters through is to stagger start times:
    • There will be 3 squads, starting at 7PM, ~7:45 PM, and ~8:30 PM.
    • The 7PM squad is required to help setup stages for the other two. Since they will complete sooner, it is not necessary for them to stay until teardown.
    • The 7:45PM and 8:30PM squads will both complete between 9:15 and 9:30. They will each be required to teardown one bay.
    • Please be on time for your squads start time! If you are late, we will let you shoot with your squad, but may not allow you to make up missed stages. (This hasn't been an issue in the past...)
    • If you aren't on the squad shooting, please stay out of the range. If you have a question, see one of the match directors and they can take you through the range.

Regarding Registration and Check-in:

  • Please come upstairs to receive your scoresheet/verify your information.
  • The only "gear-up" and safety area where you will be able to practice your draws will be upstairs, facing the designated wall - please remember that competitors are not allowed handle their holstered firearms outside their safety area. On Target's "for sale" firearms handled at the gun counters are, of course, ok.

Range Etiquette  
  • The new ventilation system at On Target is AWESOME, but very sensitive. The double-door system exists to ensure that there is an effective pressure gradient in the range. If doors are left open for too long (even a few minutes!) the pressure sensor will shut off the ventilation, requiring a 20 minute restart process. With this in mind:
    • Please ensure that the outer (store-facing) door has closed completely before you begin to open the range door. Failure to do so will result in an immediate DQ. 
    • Please do not stack your gear on the back range walls. Interference with the down draft will mess up the pressure sensors. Please use the range points instead to stack your gear.
  • Guys handling load in: please be careful to keep the airlocks too! We'll have to bring steel and other gear in one bit at a time... 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Changes for the 2012-2013 Season

Since our club has grown so fast in the previous two years - we've essentially tripled - and since we've pretty much exhausted the capacity of venue we've used for the past several years, the directors of MISS had to explore options and make a choice to move the club to a new venue.

We lobbied pretty hard and presented our situation to the next closest range, the folks at On Target, and they agreed to host our matches!

These changes are for the better:
  • Multiple bays ensures that we can accommodate more shooters
  • Larger bays allows us to present more challenging indoor stages
  • A robust ventilation system ensures that regular's lead exposure is kept to a minimum
  • Computer controlled targets allows us to run fixed-time stages as a line and with ease
  • Location is a bit friendlier for Chicagoans coming to compete

Additionally, we've strived to keep the price of our matches contained, only increasing our match fee to $20.00.

Matches will run a bit differently than usual. The biggest difference is a shift from Thursday night to Wednesday nights. Additionally, we're still working out a few details on how to stage shooters, where to keep gear, etc, but we will stay with online registration and will turn away walk-in's. As we sort the situation out, we'll be capping our matches at 40 competitors and we'll have to play a bit with the dates. 

We hope you're all as excited as we are with this great opportunity!


MISS Board of Directors

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

2012-2013 Season - Stay Tuned!

We've got some exciting news coming about the 2012-2013 indoor USPSA season here at McHenry IPSC Shooting Society!

Check back here soon for more info!!

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