Thursday, September 28, 2017

MISS 2017/2018 Season Opener

Its almost that time of year again! MISS will be starting up with our first Wednesday night match of the 2017/2018 indoor season on 10/4/17.

We look forward to a very fun season coming up. We are excited to introduce all the brand new steal we have picked up from Range Master Steel while at the 2017 Illinois sectional.

As a reminder - Tickets go on sale the Sunday before matches. 8 AM for Alpha members and 8 PM for non members. We tend to sell out quickly so please be prepared to sign up ASAP if you want to guarantee a slot.

Please remember this is a participation sport in which you need to help reset and tear down at the end of the night. We are always looking for extra help with set up before our matches. Please come early to lend a helping hand. We can not put on these matches without the help of everyone!

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