Saturday, April 4, 2009

April Fool's Match.

We ran our April Fool's Match (really, on the 2nd) and it was a lot of fun and challenging:

You picked a card from a bucket. The card was marked either "Z" or "P". If you pulled "Z", you had to shoots the Penguins and shots on Zombies would be considered no-shoots. Ditto, in reverse if you pulled "P".

The Christmas glob on the nose of "Ralph", the bat, just pulled 10 seconds off your raw time. The swinger was activated at the beginning of the stage - you had to pull it with your strong hand.

Oh, and the poppers all had staggered, hidden penguins and zombies on 'em too... If you shot through, you were scored accordingly!

After that we shot steel plates for time with a mandatory reload...

We're shooting three stages on April 16th - a classifier and two additional stages.

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