Sunday, May 18, 2014

Registration for May 21st, 2014

Late update:

This is our final match of the season!

After the match, we'll head over to Firewood Grill in McHenry where we've reserved a room for an end of season banquet. 2314 Rt 120, McHenry, IL (~5 minutes, a little east of the river...)

The club will pick up the tab on Pizza, Wings, domestic pitchers!

After some food and fun, we'll vote on Club President and additional bylaws, have a discussion.

If you're eligible to vote, the match director has sent you an email stating that you've shot enough matches.

Eventbrite - McHenry IPSC Match - 5/21/2014


Diamond Cutter CM 09-02

Bastille - 32 (30) rds, 160 (150) pts, Comstock (Drop turner)

Pompeii - 32 rds, 160 pts, Comstock

Sly - 24 rds, 120 pts, Comstock

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Score for April 30th and for May 4th.

Matt Mink asked me to relay his thanks for host his class on May 4th...

Additionally, we did notice that the Classifier "HillBillton Drill" on May 4th was setup incorrectly - the no-shoot targets behind the steel were set too low. We've decided to keep the scores as a stage, but not to submit it to USPSA as a classifier.

May 4th Scores

April 30th Scores

Registration for May 7th, 2014

Eventbrite - McHenry IPSC Match - 5/7/2014


Rolling Stone - Comstock, 20rds

Seems Easy - Comstock, 32rds

Swivel - Comstock, 28rds

Classifier: Hillbillton Drill (Let's try that again...) Comstock, 12rds

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