Monday, January 5, 2015

Classifier Support, USPSA Match Results, Etc...

Dear friends, 

Starting January 1st, 2015, we will no longer be using EZWin Score, the USPSA scoring software, to support our matches.

What this means to you: Nothing - most of you already know to hit up PractiScore Results and look for all matches prefixed with "MISS" to get your scores. To see some old/historic scores, you can continue to look at the results archive on USPSA.

What this means for the staff: More time to reload, shoot, and hang out with our families!

An in-depth explanation: EZWin Score was always a bit of a beast. It required an old Windows computer and time to crunch all the scores in from the paper sheets. Couple that with copying costs, time spent at Kinko's, etc, and it made the MD's life tougher.

After switching to PractiScore a number of years back, we remarked at how easy the whole match setup and scoring process became... Additionally, that PractiScore now supports the USPSA Classifier activity format means that submitting classifier scores is now easier than ever for the staff and our reliance on EZWin is essentially zero... 

Just keeping you in the loop... 

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